What is a DApp?

In this post, we will talk about DApps. You can’t talk about cryptocurrencies and blockchain without mentioning it. DApp is short form of decentralized application. A centralized application is hosted by using one or more servers. The application owner is the centralized authority. Decentralized applications do not run on a single server. Instead, the application directly runs on every device it is used. Users of a DApp directly communicate between each other.

So, what are the use cases of serverless applications? First of all, it allows the users to use the application without censorship or approval of a central authority. The application can have its own rules regarding the content, but there is no centralized approval. 

Second, application can combine money and information transaction without using a third party. As the money transaction between both parties is completed, information can be exchanged directly. Most of the services relying on a third party can be transformed into a DApp.

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